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Building Inspection Services

Permits and Inspection Services are provided for all of the electoral areas of the Sunshine Coast Regional District. This includes surrounding islands controlled by Islands Trust and parts of the Sechelt Indian Government District.

The function of the Building Department is to regulate construction in the interest of safety for the general public. Building department staff issue permits and monitor new construction for substantial conformance to minimum health and safety regulations contained in the BC Building Code.

Access to the BC Building Code is available to view at your local library and at for purchase.

Tiny Homes in the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD)

Saving money on building, maintenance, and service costs has driven the current movement toward tiny homes as an alternative to conventionally-sized residences. If you are considering the tiny home option, it is important to consider that not all tiny buildings can qualify as a residence in the SCRD.

Some key considerations are:

  • In the SCRD, the British Columbia Building Code (BCBC) as well as local and other regulations fully apply to tiny homes intended to be used as a residence. 
  • As the BCBC has no minimum size requirements for dwellings, a house of 200 sq. ft. or smaller is permitted to be constructed on site following the building permit process.
  • Purchasing a manufactured tiny home can simplify the task of meeting regulations but not all pre-fabricated homes are the same. Manufactured homes certified CSA Z240 MH Series qualify to be installed as permanent residences. Pre-fabricated trailers certified for seasonal or recreational use (CSA Z241 Park Model or CSA Z240 RV) do not meet the building regulations for a residence.
  • Tiny homes constructed on a trailer chassis with wheels without permits or certification present many challenges for owners wanting to use them as a residence. In most cases, the trailer-mounted home cannot meet the requirements of the provincial building code or local bylaws with regard to fire safety, septic service, ventilation, etc.
  • There are planning regulations on where tiny homes can be sited.

If you are planning to purchase or build a tiny home in the SCRD, understanding how local building and occupancy regulations apply to tiny homes is a critical first step in the process. The best approach is to contact the SCRD building division at 604-885-6803 or email at

Bylaw Compliance Services

This service is comprised of Bylaw Compliance and Dog Control. These services are key in ensuring that SCRD Bylaws are adhered to, giving residents a safe and equitable neighbourhood to live in.

The Dog Control Officer's role is to educate the public and ensure compliance with the appropriate SCRD bylaws, as well as the equivalent in the Sechelt Indian Government District.

The Bylaw Compliance Officer ensures that the Bylaws that currently govern the Sunshine Coast Regional District are adhered to.